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Comfort Zone or EdenPure?

Infrared Heaters are great heating devices. For many cases they are actually out of competition, as there are no heaters to surpass them.  However, heaters within Infrared Heaters class can be compared, and one of the most often compared pair is the EdenPure Infrared Heater and Comfort Zone Infrared Heater.

The two models show good performance, they are efficient and of proper quality. However, they are different and the reason of finding what exactly is different is to understand which one is the most appropriate in given circumstances.



  • In respect of operating life time the Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters are virtually unsurpassable. The state-of-art infrared heating technology enables manufacturers to increase operating life time significantly. In comparison with EdenPure Infrared Heaters operating only 5,000 hours before a replacement could be necessary, Comfort Zone heaters can operate four times longer (20,000 hours).
  • The Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters are better in heat diffusion. The newly created heat diffuser of stainless steel shows the capacity that is 14% more efficient.
  • As for the heat itself the Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters provide healthier heat. Healthier in respect of heat means causing no changes in humidity lever and chemical balance of the air. The Comfort Zone Heaters produce pleasant heat covering the whole area as a “blanket”. It is necessary to mention that the majority of heaters emit more or less harmful byproducts and create uncomfortable atmosphere in the area of operation.
  • An important part that enables infrared heater to defuse heat an internal fan. Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters use a Dual DC fan system considered much quieter than others. You are likely to pay attention to it especially if you want to have one at home.
  • It probably has come evident that the prices for the Comfort Zone Heaters and EdenPure Heaters are different, with the Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters being more expensive. The least expensive models of both units share a similar price tag of 300-350 dollars. The highest prices for the Comfort Zone heaters and EdenPure heaters range from 400-500 dollars and 300-400 dollars respectively.

EdenPure Infrared Heaters


  • The type of heat exchanges is the same for both units. They both use solid copper heater exchangers increasing the absorption of infrared heat. This copper exchanger converts the infrared waves into a bandwidth of 9-10 microns through a process of copper ionization. The bandwidth is the most appropriate level for maximum heat absorption.
  • The Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters and EdenPure ones come with a fully functional remote and thermostat. They use an internal fan to defuse the heat.

Speaking about infrared heaters it is necessary to say that both the Comfort Zone Infrared Heater and EdenPure Infrared Heater are suitable for heating you home. Everything is really fair. The comfort Zone heater is more expensive, but its functions are wider and more efficiently fulfilled. You need to be a cool costumer to buy the heater you need. However, be as much aware as you can these heaters must be of the best quality.